Thursday, June 18, 2020

My two Cents on Indo-Sino situation

How the situation was and is now

1) Before April there was no alarming deployment of PLA at the Chinese side. Indian side of LAC was also business as usual.

2) There is a buffer zone along LAC at both Indian and Chinese side which is non militarized,i.e. no deployment of troops from either side. This buffer zone is patrolled by both Chinese and Indian troops unarmed.

3) Around April-May India was in a lock down. Due to logistical issues and to prevent COVID the armed forces were not maintaining enough troops at the LAC for patrol.

4) PLA got an opportunity and set up settlements along LAC in the buffer zone. These settlements at heights overlook the DBOS road and allow PLA to dominate the area.

5) India realized late what's happening and countered by buffeting its deployments.

6) In the various engagements with Chinese, India sought to restore the status quo as of March. Chinese are already in an advantageous position and technically still in their side of LAC, so did not relent.

7) After latest round of discussions, possibly, China agreed to fall back to pre April positions but at Galwan, and possibly at other points as well, some settlements were not uprooted.

8) At Galwan point 14, on the unfortunate night, Col. Babu led a patrol unit of 100 unarmed infantry men to the Chinese settlement in the "Buffer" zone, which was technically on the Chinese side but a recent erection.

9) Argument erupted between Indian troops and PLA, and Babu got injured. He was taken back to the Indian post and a Major led few more jawans to engage with PLA, who by now had also called for backup. A full-blown fight erupted. During the course of fight, some men on the both sides fell into the ridge. Some succembed to injuries. Important thing is the Indian unit actually seemed to have crossed the LAC and so did Chinese. This is what Chinese are claiming as Indian transgression, which is not technically incorrect.

Now, Chinese can preach peace by saying that from now on there will be no transgression or aggression while still maintaining there posts at their side of LAC. What India has to lose is that a buffer zone which was a from the fact no mans land has now just been appropriated by China. And on top of it, these posts allow China to keep a watch on Indian troop movements along LAC because of their strategic location. So it's a loss for India and not technically a transgression from China. All because of COVID and a clever PLA.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Creation and establishment of Hindu Terriorism

There is a new trend I have been witnessing these days, which is about Hindu Terrorism, with the gaining popularity of BJP and RSS backed government, people are working to coin a new face for fear called Hindu Terror groups/ Hindu Terror outfits/ Hindu terrorism/ Bhagva gang and so many others. The list of its promoters include a lot of politicians and people of film fraternity or people who think they are creative and want to exercise their rights to complaint and create issues where there are none.

Why such a sudden rise? I believe people have just realized how much hidden patience and potential is there in the Hindu sect and before they loose it, few people have taken it to them to show them a mirror of what things can become or check them before a major blow.

Why Such a need:
1) look at the way Muslim terror groups work, these so called liberals have never pointed out to them but have a belief that Hindus can actually be more dangerous than this present form of terrorism and also they want to take away the light from Muslim terror groups and focus on this.
2) The growing popularity of BJP, a Hindu backed party is difficult to digest, also people of the above mentioned mentality believe that if Hindus grow into power they might create situation worse than what ISIS did.

Actors like Huma, Swara, are left wing supporters, which is okay but they have deep rooted dislike for right which they believe should be preached, they are actors who have very little success in commercial front and see their future in one of the political party.
Huma is doing a series on future state of India where Hindu terror outfit is ruling, a blatant anti-Hindu propaganda with political motivations, I wonder if she has the courage to work on showing what ISIS actually did, show what happens in Pakistan, Sudan, and other Muslim majority countries.
To actors like these our only answer should be complete ban and zero viewership.

#SayNoToLeila #BanLeila

And before they cry for freedom of speech and freedom of all sorts, let's say this is our voice and our freedom.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Growth Milestones and Social Pressure

I have a small daughter and I really adore her and I must say the feeling increases with every passing day, I never knew I was capable of so much love, but with great amount of love we also get great amounts of worry, anxiety and confusions, and now i realize why parents are under so much pressure, a small statement for our kids takes our sleep away.

My daughter is a delight to watch, her laughter is infectious, her tiny hands and feet rock my world completely, but she is 7 months and cannot sit independently. No big deal right, well there are people who made me feel otherwise, gave stupid advice and planted a seed of suspicion in my head and then what I did was google, and I cannot stress much that that was the worst Idea of all.

Google has all kind of information, good, bad, worth, useless... and you do stumble upon the worst mostly. I started reading into those articles and links you get if you type "7 month baby not able to sit" and bam, your worst nightmare has turned into reality, one you never wish happens with anyone let alone to your heartbeat. This is when i realized how much the society sucks, how much people are unaware, unconcerned about others pain. She is a small child who unfortunately has been judged, I want to shout at such people and say... please spare her and mind your own damn business. She is not even 1 and you have scrutinized her walk and posture, yes maybe I'm not good at those massages you say can help her, but I damn well know there is no one in this whole world who will love her more than I do.

And it's not that I didn't check with my pediatrician, I did and all he said was, She is perfectly okay, growth milestones are different for each child, she is healthy, responds well and will achieve her milestones as per her timeline, every child is unique and have their own journey with life and achievement, I have since pledged not to give an ear to any such person, and will not be a part of the crowd to judge my love my daughter. LET's ALL PLEDGE TO JUDGE LESS AND LOVE MORE!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

My Financial Worries

I have been lately thinking a lot or only about my financial situation and this reoccurring thought have given me so much stress, I think there should be a financial benchmark, a clear drawn outline of how one's life would shape with the kind of finances they have, but then that is where they say life is random, no one's story is same, hence I decided to put my life as a problem statement for which i will try and find a solution or may be a best case scenario, but mind you my problem statement is not my alone, it has the anxiety which i get when i see others doing better, are in a better spot with less hard work.
Lets begin:
I have been working for past 9 years and had X amount of savings, bought a house of x+Y, Y are on loan, so I have a huge debt to repay.
First variable:
My husband had not much savings so his contribution was negligible, but he pays the instalments and we try flux all our expenses to him, as we have solemnly decided that he is not good at saving.
Second Variable:
This society especially social media which make you feel that you are missing out on so much in life.

Buying this house was my decision, which I do regret as it has bound us from spending much, i have a  7 months daughter and i have join office back as we cannot afford the EMI's and other expenses with one income only.

Factors which contribute to my anxiety:
->Job pressure, these mass firings in IT scare me.
->Education expenses, which are rising exponentially
->Others who are living a much better life without having to work this hard.

The third factor is the worst one, its intangible but most affecting.

I am not sure if my problem statement is complete yet, i will keep adding to it as and when i know what i am missing.

What everyone says-> the best and simplest solution is to let go of the financial fear, and believe that money is not everything, you can have a more healthy and fulfilling life without it.
Earn More-> This is straight, earn more and worry less.
Ignore social media-> no comparisons, only happiness.

The first one is easy to say, difficult to implement, the second one has lot of other factors with it, not easy to achieve and also if you earn more there is a possibility you have more expenses, and hence you come back to this situation, the third one is important but difficult as we all are so connected and people only post the happy side, no one knows the other side of the coin.

So in the end I'm still struggling, looking for better suggestions 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Afforestation... Only way Forward.

I recently came across a TED talk and that made me research more on the subject of it and how we can contribute on an individual level.
Why Individual level, well there are various things I want to do, small steps that I feel will bring me peace and help the environment, but every-time I think of something and always I look up for available group which I can join, mostly the search result ends up with groups seeking donations and never has any group come back seeking volunteer support.

But this was different for that first time I am looking for resources and not people or group, obviously they are not easy, but I believe they can be managed.

First things first, details of what I am talking about:
Please watch this, using their methods we can create small patches of forest near us. Let's all get together and give back to our environment
Their webpage with all details and help we will need.

This page can help but again they have courses offered at high price, well as a Great King once said "There are no free Lunches"

This information made me dig little deeper on this subject and how we can achieve this, well I have few pointers and have decided to work on them.
1) We need a minimum land of 100 sq. meters.
2) Need to understand the native forest vegetation of that area
3) Understand the concept of survival of the fittest.

Point 1) is self explanatory, we need a piece of land, where else a forest would grow.
Point 2) every area has certain attributes, climate, terrain, soil, a forest of certain kind of vegetation can only survive there and flourish on their on, on their own because we want a self sustaining environment.
Point 3) Survival of the fittest, this is how our earth and creatures in it has evolved, including us-Humans. Even for forest, we need too plant several of the seeds close to each other following no order off course, imagine how they would have come into being.

I have found something I want to work on and make a success, will keep you all posted on my progress, and incase some of you are looking for a group to start this, reach out and we can together work towards it.
Edit[March 2019] I cudn't find anything to work on... I am lazy, but decided to do my balconies to start with, below is what I did:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lachen Lahunch and Gangtok

We recently visited the hills, the Himalayan Mountains, there is nothing more majestic and serene than the snow laden tops, the beautiful valleys.
So if anyone out there is planning to visit, you can use our travel itinerary.
The first thing we thought of was the places we wanted to cover, there are so many of them that it is important to list down to a few keeping in mind the travel time they require, below are the places we visited in accordance to our arrival there
1) Gangtok
2) Lachen
3) Lachung
4) Gangtok
We had a total of 7 days and had booked a vehicle in advance, the ones best suited to give you are comfortable travel are xylo and innova.
Our journey started from Delhi to Bagdogra by flight, this itself can be an experience if you take seats to your left as you can get a glimpse of himalayan range around 15-20 mins before landing.
We had our booked vehicle at airport for pickup and went straight to Gangtok, took halt for a night, you can get lot of decent hotels for a night stay there... took a small stroll to the main street of gangatok and went straight back to bed.
The next day for us started at 8 AM, as we started on our journey towards Lachen, on your way you have many small waterfalls, few selfies here wouldn't cost much time, we reached Lachen by 5PM, Lachen was a beautiful city with small huts until people decided to destroy it by creating lodges n lodges, well this wasn't the final destination, hence we took our dinner and went back to bed as the next day starts very early.
Siri Gurudongmer lake-> you need to start at 4 from lachen or even before if you want to reach here before sunrise, we reached there by 10 way past sunrise, but its a view you can soak yourself in completely, a monastery nearby. we took a stroll around the frozen lake, the quietness, purity there can only be felt and not described. When going back remember to go via Chopta Valley, it is very beautiful.
We went back to our resort in Lachen and had rest of the day to just relax.
Next day early morning start for Lachung, it is almost 4 hours from Lachen to Lachung, we did not stop in Lachung and went straight for YUNGTHANG Valley, it was majestic, best place to have a sip of tea and enjoy the nature at its best, if you are in the right season you will be able to see flowers and this valley blooming to its best, and can visit 0 point for snow, for us 0 point was closed, but it is 1 hour ahead of yungthang valley, please plan accordingly.
we had a halt in Lachung for that day, next day morning we were on our way back to Gangtok, but we took a slightly longer route and went visiting char dham and wonderful tea estates.

Gangtok we had a stay for 2 days, to ensure we are not much tired from all the travel and turns, in Gangtok the two best places to visit are Natula pass and Tsongu lake, casino visit in Gangtok is a must, but please ensure you are not carrying much cash or cards, otherwise you might end up spending a lot.

This was the end to our trip, but we ensured to get window seats on right side of the place to have one last glimpse of the mighty Himalayas.

Few quick points to cover before you leave, warm clothing, some cash and camera. What you bring back is lot of memories.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Intelligence is overrated

I often come across people with different mind set, different beliefs and mostly differently wired brains. If we have to put everyone in unit of measurement we might believe in the current aptitude system or examinations, but is that all what we are, few numbers, a rating, score card, pay check.

I believe we are more than that, is it true that a person who invented/discovered lots in science or a person who discovered what was lost years ago, or someone who could go in space and come back have contributed more than one who has not done anything of this sorts... to me the answer is no, to me the one who lived and mattered has contributed, I once heard someone say that humans are the most important resource because you cannot replace them, when a life is lost a vacuum is created which no one else can fill.

May be for me life's contribution is in living it, knowing it, may be existence is the sole purpose and everything else is the periphery of it which doesn't really matter.

And then would my God differentiate between me and the more intelligent brains born (by my God I believe everyone has their own system of belief and God), it was he who decided what I will be born with, will he love me less... will he make my life less meaningless.

All my life i have been with people who scored more than me, than a small section who scored less than me, but does that really matter, will that matter the day i die and my soul is taken to his adobe, will he reject me for not discovering all he kept as a mystery in this world, or will he embrace me for what I turned out to be in absence of those big brains others have.

I believe he would love me, if I could accept my self as I am, with all my self and all him in me.

To all those who feel less in life, please remember that there is your God somewhere who loves you unconditionally, no brains or all brains you are his eternal love, now and forever

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kay Kasoor hai Amla ka !! SERIOUSLY

There is this new serial airing in my country-India, which is based on the atrocities faces by a gang rape victim.
The above statement summarised what my topic of writing this blog is, and let me first clarify before anyone starts to bash out how dare I speak on a topic as such, I am not here to list out rights and wrongs, but just my view and perspective on what responsible creative media should be like in a country like ours-India.

This show from what I saw till now is based on a girl, gang raped, in pain, feeling violated, and a society that blames her, a group of four men violating her and then finding a way out, a lawyer supporting them after they accepted that they committed such a heinous crime, a family where her sister in law is not supportive and blames her, hides evidences, and a long painful journey of losing love and everything.

PEOPLE please stop, portraying something so horrifying with such horrifying conclusion will not help any women here, it will drive people away from opening up about such crimes, it will give people ideas of how to rape and escape justice, it will show how no one will support you through all this, it is worrying that such a topic has been turned into a show with so many vamps and villains.
The sensitivity of this topic, the mindset of our society, the age group which has access to such a channel all point that it should be dealt differently, it should show what a person suffers post committing such a crime, that people support the victim not the one who commits the crime, I strongly feel ours is a society which can learn from consequences of the act rather than the atrocities of the victim.

I have heard of instances where people learned how to murder from movies, serials... and now this how to rape and how to escape.

Indian television is in hands of people who show that how a plastic surgery and lot of money can let you live a life without having to being punished for any crime, how a good person is always unhappy, how you family will not trust you when required, and how no one in your family can be trusted as there will always be one person wanting to hurt you, such television makers should be banned for life and made to watch all their serials back to back everyday, only then they will know of the suffering they cause.

Sensible television is a dream of 2030 maybe...

How to decide on where to travel and our psychoanalysis

I recently got to travel... 7 days of escape, the place I chose was Sikkim and suddenly i realised we spend a lot of time planning our trip, i know we have these agencies to plan it, but let's face it how many of us want a strict itinerary, specially someone else deciding what time we need to wake up.

So post this travel I devised an efficient way to plan my trip... especially from start to finish, which means below questions were addressed:
1) when to travel
2) why to travel
3) expectations
4) when to go
and then multiple questions around HOW...

I have realised every season start makes us want to travel to destinations with last season, for e.g. as summers dawn on us we all head to mountains and colder locations, and as WINTER IS COMING we all visit places with summer left in them. I have spent days planning but finally go this simple pattern and trust me my planning time has reduced to half... i think this happens as human is always more stuck to past than embracing the future(few lines to justify why I added psychoanalysis to the post title).
So i think how I divide most locations in the world are as below categories:
1) fancy and predictable
    this has a laundry list of places where you can get 5 star properties, comfort and relaxation, here you can plan city tours and basically google things to do when in << xxx>> and you have the most trusted opinion of thousands like minded travellers.

2) travel
    these places cannot provide you those amenities, you go on and make your own itinerary, there are things to do available for these places as well but you can adhere to it based on your own capacity.

Now these two categories can very well overlap so i think its more of a mirror on our vision to look at locations like these two.
these days people travel a lot with better accessibility and off course well paying jobs and vehicles, but I always feel its more for their social circle then for their inner, so many pictures with so many smiles, which mostly make me feel that they never had a dull day, where as travel has to be a life experience and I can say this with complete surety that there is no absolute moment, but there is an absolute experience.

Tips to travel:
decide what you want from you travel, if you want to just unwind, don't plan on a very far location, look for something nearby with less travel time.
if you want to gain an experience , then it can come if you see how life is in that part of world, so don stick to a pre decided itinerary, give your self space to choose randomly and have space in between to breathe around, talk to locals, there is no better way to know a place than to know the people.

But in all cases make memories, click pictures, get clicked but don look for that one perfect selfie, just let the pictures tell a story much closer to reality than those perfect selfies... but above all go with no expectations and come back with a bag full of kodak moments... ENJOY !!

My two Cents on Indo-Sino situation

How the situation was and is now 1) Before April there was no alarming deployment of PLA at the Chinese side. Indian side of LA...